Monday, July 18, 2011

Java Anyone?

Good morning all!
(Anyone? Hello...?)

I am at my favorite java cafe...Peet's and enjoying my latte with The Divine Miss Em. I must tell you that Wi-Fi is wonderful!
For all of you with a fast internet signal, you may not understand how giddy I am. My internet signal at the country house is dial-up speed at best...but give up my country house? Not on your life!
Any excuse to come to Peet's is okay by me ;)
So while I update this laptop, I am perusing some lovely websites to cheer up the day that a lot of folks dread...MONDAY.
Being self-employed, I don't dread any day of the's fabulous to wake up in the morning, find I am still sucking oxygen and look forward to what the day may bring!
(And just so you don't think I am blowing smoke up anywhere...not everyday is wine and roses..some are 'whine and corpse-plant if I am to be honest with you, but I still see the plant when it is ;)

As I am taking part in the "twentypeices project", I am looking into  using black and white in my wardrobe....and adding splashes of color with accessories when I wish....

And then the Vogue 'Age Issue' is out...LOVED the article on Virginie Mouzat!

A lovely dress post from

and a fashion show recap, courtesy of "TheGimletMommy" over at

These look as good as my latte!
(ok, maybe a bit better ;)

(Image by Angela Moore) I go! Rock your Monday!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sorry for my absence...

I lost my internet connection about a month ago and while I have some of it's about at dial-up speed.
I'll be back with more posts next week.